Sunday, 7 March 2010

Lines & Other Marks

This was an interesting exercise using different media and experimenting with different grips and pressures.  The pencil, graphitint and charcoal worked best when varying the pressure on the paper and you could achieve some really nice graduated shading and variation.  The drawing pens worked ok but as soon as you tried to achieve a light pressure, the pen stopped making marks on the page.  The promarker felt tips worked the least well achieving virtually no variation at all when applying less pressure.    It was also difficult to achieve the same depth of colour and precision when holding the media more loosely.  The charcoal pencil didn't work as well sideways but I think this was because it needed sharpening, a charcoal stick would be more successful.

I found the exercise useful in determining the best techniques for different effects and look forward to trying this out on some projects.

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  1. hello :)
    i just started my OCA learning log yesterday - mark out the sensual life - and i wanted to say how helpful your blog entries have been. i hope to upload pics of my first exercise attempts at the weekend :)
    but i noticed these entries were in march...
    are you still doing the course?
    i do hope so - you made such a great start!